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Massive campaign to get one million Somali children into school to be launched  (by unicef)

The campaign, led by the education authorities and supported by UNICEF and other international partners, will run for three years. It aims to give a quarter of the young people currently out of the education system a chance to learn.

Enrolment rates in Somalia are among the lowest in the world. Only four out of every ten children are in school. Many children start primary school much later than the recommended school-entry age of six and many more drop out early. Secondary school education enrolments are even weaker. Girls are particularly badly affected with only a third of girls enrolled in school in South Central Somalia and many dropping out before completing their primary education.

(via UNICEF, Back on Track)

This goes back to our understanding the current role of the UN…




Don’t get me wrong, the new iPhones look interesting. But this is an excellent idea for the future of cellphones. 

(by Dave Hakkens)

I came across this … A great example of an innovation!

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The start of a new year!


So you’re probably checking out the different sites that I listed on the syllabus and school web-site.  I will be updating as much as possible, and hopefully the various links and sites that you are redirected to will help you with any and almost all assignments.  Also, if I find something interesting, it will be posted.

Here’s to a great year!

-Miss Cox